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To change camera system

Changing the camera system is not something you do every day, I myself have done it twice. In 2012 from Canon to Nikon and then in 2018 from Nikon to Olympus. Two switches and three camera systems. Replacing a system where the sensor size is the same on both systems is not a big deal except financially. But switching to one system with a sensor half the size you had before, that it is something completely different, not least it is positive that you actually go in plus financially.

On February 4, 2018, Olympus Norway announced that they could welcome a new Olympus Visionary into the stable. Here I stand with Annika Johansen who gave me a fantastic start as Visionary in Olympus.

It was a well-considered choice on my part at the time in 2018, I clearly saw that the future lies in mirrorless and not least in smaller and lighter equipment. We now see that all camera manufacturers strive for, lighter lenses and mirrorless that is what applies. But only Olympus with its sensor size, is capable of giving you the same field of view with half the focal length of the 24x36 format, or so-called FF. I also quickly saw the connection between shorter focal lengths and technical quality. It is much easier to handle a lens that has half the focal length, for example a 500 mm instead of a 1000 mm. It is also much easier to get a sharp image from corner to corner with a 100 mm, than it is with a 200 mm. Olympus has also proven to have the market's best image stabilizer, which further affects the technical quality. For a pixel peeper as me, it was a joy to look at the files from Olympus which made the choice much easier.

Above, macro and close-up with Olympus.

I have never looked back after switching to Olympus, and after Olympus launched 150-400 4.5 I am more confident than ever that I did the right thing in 2018. The image quality is indisputably good, and the Photographer is happy, and after all, a happy photographer is the most important thing. I love to be out and take pictures, together with the love for the wonderful nature we surround ourselves with, and not least the joy of being able to share the pictures with others is my driving force.

A small bunch of photos taken with 150-400 4.5 and 40-150 2.8

So far, the journey with Olympus and now Om Digital Solutions, which has now taken over the camera and lens production, has been one big happy adventure. Photographically, I also feel that I have taken many steps in the right direction and developed my self as a photographer. A development that could have been much bigger if I had started with Olympus earlier, because with a number of innovative solutions in the camera, it is all up to the photographer to keep up.

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