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Big camera launch

On Tuesday 15 February, Olympus, or no Om Digital Solution, will launch a new camera. The name Om System was first used on their first lens, 20 mm 1.4. The new camera joins this series as the first camera from Om System. On Om System's website they write the following.

Join us as we celebrate an exciting product announcement.

On Feb 15th we will have a series of exciting live online events to introduce the new camera. There will be presentations by our technical experts, interviews with OM SYSTEM Ambassadors and Q&A sessions. Check all the available sessions below, choose your favorite ones and register so you have the opportunity to not only be the first to hear about the announcement but also to interact in the live chat.

On Feb 24th we will have OM SYSTEM Day with follow up events - More information coming soon.

Together with the Swedish nature photographer Henrik Karlsson, we will talk about our first impression of the new camera and show photos taken with it. Sales Manager Stefan Mann is also present, he will give a product presentation of the new camera. You are more then welcome to join us.

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